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Frame Deisgn

A family heirloom, your child's art project, a diploma or an original Rembrandt

- the correct frame isn't always the most expensive. From rich hardwoods to hand-carved gold leaf, we will help you choose the correct look for your item. 

Original Thomas Mc Knight Serigraph done with quad handpainted matts and matched corners 23 kt. gold-leaf frame.

Original Lee Houghes

Oil Painting with

seamless linen liner and

finished corner 23 kt. gold-leaf frame.

Antique ballet slipper

and family documents with

hand-wrapped silk mat with gold filets

and hand finished frame.

Antique Japanese Wood Block Cut before and after frame change with

hand-wrapped silk mat and

carved kobe corner ebony finished frame. 

Original Louis C. Tiffany

Oil Painting with
Matched corner 18 kt. gold-leaf frame.

Original game-used tickets

from baseball's 500 HR club with

50 opening mat for tickets & photos.

Hand colored antique

engraving with French matting and finished corners

23 kt. gold-leaf frame.

Original Lithograph with

hand-wrapped linen mat &

23 kt. gold-leaf and matched corner frame.

Game-worn High School

All-Star jersey in a shadow box

frame with player's photo

"A great painting deserves a great grame and a great frame

makes a poor painting stay around a lot longer."

- James McNeil Whistler

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